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The demands on your finance and revenue cycle staff are large and urgent with many moving parts: Paying your clinicians and office staff, ensuring your billing is accurate and backed up with the proper documentation and accounting for all financial transactions within the company. Goodworks supports your efforts by managing many of the repetitive tasks involved.

How many person hours are spent on tasks such as applying cash, invoicing, time slips to bills, auditing late lists, quality control of payroll, adding non automated billing codes to your invoices on a weekly basis?

What if you had a reliable support partner that could manage the important, but manually intensive and repetitive process for twenty to thirty percent of your current cost structure?

Increase employee satisfaction and reduce ongoing costs by partnering with Goodworks.


  • Applying cash
  • Invoicing support
  • Time slips to bills
  • Billing code invoice work
  • Payroll QA
  • Audits
  • Please contact us today to set up a pilot project or for a free consultation.

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